27+ Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas for Stylish but Simple Look

FARMHOUSE EXTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS – You probably have your shares of a dream where your ideal home would be the house with a white picket fence. Don’t we all want the same thing? However, trends and styles in home decor and industry have evolved and changed.

In the old days, a house with the white fence might sound like an ideal option. But today’s people have different needs, preferences, and options. Some of them may like the smaller farmhouse design while others may prefer the mansion-like style.

Whatever style you choose, keep in mind that there are some farmhouse exterior design ideas that are actually functional. Homeowners like you can try implementing these ideas and see how the style affects the entire ambiance and atmosphere surrounding the property.

Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Image From Rellion Homes

Modern Farmhouse

Keep in mind that modern farmhouse design we have today is completely different from the traditional style we had a few decades ago. In the old days, a farmhouse was a farmhouse – it was a wooden house within a farm, surrounded by pastures and cornfields. Today’s farmhouse has a balanced and harmonious mix of the old and new. The structure still exudes this warmth sensation every time you look at it.

The construction may seem old and traditional, but you can also see the modern elements there. Instead of the complicated structure, for instance, the overall layout is somewhat simple and clean. Moreover, the modern houses come with a simple foundation that can be done efficiently, fast, and also cost-effectively. And yet, you can still enjoy the comfort and homey feeling even from a glimpse of it.

Another thing to like about this modern farmhouse design is its flexibility and customized options. Do you want to have a two-story house or one story construction only? Do you like having pillars or without them? Would you install balustrade surrounding the porch or let it open? The options are yours! As it was mentioned before, when the modern elements can be blended nicely into the traditional construction, you can make your own creation. Naturally, you want something that represents you, right?

White Hue

Before you start implementing tons of farmhouse exterior design ideas, you should know some of the basic characteristics of this design. First of all, most exterior area of the modern farmhouse design has white exterior. It doesn’t mean that you should only pick white for your farmhouse, but the majority of such a design comes in white.

Can you use other hues? Be my guest! Be sure to choose natural and neutral hues, by the way. Ivory or pale cream can be the alternative colors. But avoid neon bright colors. Those are definitely not the characteristics of the modern farmhouse.

Besides the color, most modern farmhouses are covered in brick, horizontal or vertical planks, and also vinyl siding. However, no need to go overboard with it. To create a more prominent traditional feel, you can pick a certain spot and use bricks or planks.

No need to cover the entire house with them – it would be too much and the result may be cheese. If you prefer the simple design, go with white clapboard siding. It is enough to create a statement. In the event that you want to add details, just go with the basic color around the shutters or windows.

Roof Ideas

Since most modern farmhouses are covered in white (or ivory), it would be perfect to pair them with gray or black roof. It creates a harmonious balance of light and dark. Of course, not all modern farmhouses should have a dark roof, but it is the most common and also most popular design.

What if you want to add a little twist – creating a more modern look? Add metal roofs to deliver industrial look. Or you can also use the dark green roof to create a catchy effect without overdoing it.

Simple and Straightforward Structure

The signature style of a farmhouse is a rectangle. This is the simplest form that allows expansion and addition. When the family grows, another rectangular part may be added, making the house grow and expand. In most cases, the family may live in one part of the house whereas more rooms are added and completed around them.

That’s why a simple design of gable roof line would be created onto the walls. It should be constructed at a certain angle – generally 45 degrees – so framing would be easy. If expansion is needed, this will allows such thing to happen easily too.

Today’s modern farmhouses still retain the same principle. If you take a look at the shapes and designs, they are still incorporating the rectangular form. However, it is possible that they have several additions for the sake of architectural interest, such as a barn-like garage or a separate greeneries.

Lighting Fixtures

Just because you are focusing on farmhouse exterior design ideas, it doesn’t mean that you should only focus on the traditional and old-school lighting fixtures. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about brass fixtures, but if you want to create a modern feel, you should consider having industrial barn light. There is nothing wrong with metal fixtures, after all.

Many, Many Windows

A traditional farmhouse has a lot of windows to allow natural lights. Why don’t you do the same thing for modern construction? After all, a window is a link between the interior and exterior part of the house. The more windows you have, the more links you can generate between the in and outside world.

Not to mention that you can also enjoy the natural lights – a good addition to your existing interior lighting fixtures. You don’t want your house to be dark and dingy, do you?

Big Porch

Another signature style of the modern farmhouse is the big porch – mostly covered. The porch becomes an extended unit of the house – a place you can be with families and friends. You can go with a simple structure. But if you want to, you can also have decorative railings and columns. Just make sure that it is big and spacious, enough for a porch swing or some rocking chairs.

As you can see, planning the construction requires extra efforts and careful management. As long as you can incorporate the farmhouse exterior design ideas into your plan, you should be able to create a stylish home that isn’t only appealing to the eyes but also homey and cozy.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas for Stylish but Simple Look

1. The White House on the Hill

Image From Round Top Home Builders

2. Regents Park

Image From Powell Landscape Architecture

3. Ash Residence

Image From VictorEric

4. Hayes House

Image From ARCI Architects

5. Libertyville New Construction

Image From Libertyville New Construction

6. Montauk

Image From Pamela Glazer Architect

7. South Range Cabin

Image From Johnston Architects

8. wetland native planting

Image From Q Design Group LLC

9. Hythe Residence

Image From VictorEric

10. North Sea, Long Island, NY Residence

Image From Pamela Glazer Architect

11. Hidden Prairie Farm

Image From DeLeers Construction, Inc.

12. Hidden Prairie Farm 2

Image From DeLeers Construction, Inc

13. E. 19th St, Costa Mesa

Image From Rellion Homes

14. Great Oak Circle – Tiny Home

Image From Round Top Home Builders

15. Exterior glass Media Room addition

Image From Alisberg Parker

16. Modern Farmhouse

Image From Shean Architects Inc.

17. Park City Estate

Image From Magleby Construction

18. Lincoln

Image From Moontower

19. Can Deus

Image From Dawson Design Group

20. Terrace

Image From Don Harris, Architect

21. Garcia/Tongsuthi

Image From Jeannette Architects

22. Modern Farmhouse

Image From Shean Architects Inc.

23. Noble Residence

Image From VictorEric

24. Ash Residence

Image From VictorEric

25. Hollywood Hills Modern

Image From BAR Design + Construction

26. Modern Farmhouse – Durham, NC

Image From Lisle Architecture & Design

27. Ash Residence 2

Image From VictorEric

28. Adams Farm

Image From Adams Farm

29. Locarno Residence

Image From VictorEric

30. Garcia/Tongsuthi 2

Image From Jeannette Architects



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